The Cutest Interactions between ERIC NAM and his fans On TWITTER


During this time of quarantine every fan is having a hard time being unable to go to concerts or shows to watch their Favourite artists perform and that is why the korean idols are spending most of their times online or on social platforms to keep their fans entertained and excited.

While some artists are active on tik tok , some on Instagram , some on V Live , Eric Nam shared his number with his fans and has his fans got excited with his sudden texts and replies.

Here are some of the cutest Interactions between ERIC and his Fans :

He has also been active on tiktok , accepting challenges and putting up videos.

Eric Nam official tiktok account

He also had a fun zoom meeting with his fans .

ERIC is undoubtedly treating his fans with lots of contents in this really hard time. Do remeber to check out his new album on spotify

Thank you for reading this far.


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